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Updated on 2022-09-30 GMT+08:00

What Is CodeCheck?

What Is CodeCheck?

CodeCheck is a cloud-based management service that checks code quality. Developers can easily perform static code and security checks in multiple languages and obtain comprehensive quality reports. CodeCheck also allows developers to view defects by group and provides suggestions on fixing code defects, effectively securing high quality and helping achieve business success.

CodeCheck has the following features:

  • Supports mainstream encoding languages.

    Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, , PHP, Go, HTML, and CSS

  • Is compatible with mainstream security standards in the industry.


  • Is seamlessly integrated into DevCloud process by providing multi-branch and MR checks.
  • Provides impact description and fix suggestions for code defects.
  • Accurately locates code lines and allows users to view and fix code issues online.
  • Focuses on handling new issues to prevent new technical debts.
  • Automatic assigns issue owners, which accelerates the closure of quality issues.
  • Has more metrics.

    Code cyclomatic complexity (built-in risk measurement system) and code repetition rate

  • Other aspects

    CodeCheck supports scheduled triggering, code commit triggering, and code check result notification.

Code Check Function List

Table 1 Code Check function list



Check coding issues

Use rule sets to check issues in your own code.

Check code security

Use rule sets to check code security risks and issues.

Check code style

Use rule sets to check whether your code matches the selected style.

Check code quality

The code quality score is automatically calculated.

Manage issues

Handle issues found in code checks based on issue descriptions, status, check rules, file paths, source code, and fix suggestions.

Measure code cyclomatic complexity

Evaluate code quality risks based on the code cyclomatic complexity report.

Collect code quantity data

Check the code quantity in projects online.

Measure code repetition rate

Evaluate code quality risks based on the code repetition rate report.

Perform scheduled checks

Use the function of scheduling code checks every week and every day to balance rest and coding.

Notify check results

After the check is complete, the messages are sent to notify related personnel of the check results so that they can handle issues in time.

Check Java code

Check the Java code in projects online.

Check JavaScript code

Check the JavaScript code in projects online.

Check CSS code

Check the CSS code in projects online.

Check web code

Check the HTML/JSP code in projects online.

Check C++ code

Check the C++ code in projects online.

Check Python code

Check the Python code in projects online.

Check PHP code

Check the PHP code in projects online.