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Updated on 2022-11-14 GMT+08:00

CodeCheck Advantages


  • Provides nearly 2000 typical check rules.
  • Provides multi-dimensional quality statistics reports, including quality gates and code health status.


  • Locates reported defects under fix guidance.
  • Enables you to customize check rule sets to target at issues that you pay more attention to.


  • Supports 10 mainstream development languages, such as Java, C++, and JavaScript.
  • Supports code guideline, security, code repetition rate, and cyclomatic complexity checks.
  • Is compatible with CWE/OWASP TOP 10/SANS TOP 25/MISRA/CERT security standards.

Easy to Use

  • Checks code in hybrid languages
  • Allows you to run configured tasks by one click, filter issues in batches, and quick handle issues by severity or category.

Supporting Code Security Check


  • In the software development phase, you can use CodeCheck to automatically check code quality and security issues. It supports built-in security specifications, requirements, and software production workflows, helping enterprises secure software production.
  • CodeCheck provides in-depth code security check capabilities to help government cloud operators and large enterprises manage and control ISV software security quality and build a supply chain security system.


  • Analyzes taints and checks across functions and files.
  • Checks for top security vulnerabilities, such as injection and access key leakage.
  • Supports Huawei Cloud programming specifications and is compatible with CWE, OWASP TOP 10, CERT and SANS TOP 25 checks.