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Updated at: Aug 14, 2019 GMT+08:00

Intelligent Q&A

Intelligent Q&A offers question-and-answer bot services based on user-provided knowledge bases.

Q&A Pair

A Q&A pair is composed of a question and an answer. Multiple Q&A pairs compose a knowledge base. Q&A bots answer questions based on the knowledge base.

Standard Question

Questions included in Q&A pairs are called standard questions, which represent standard questions in the knowledge base.

Extended Question

Extended questions are the semantic synonyms of standard questions, which are the same meaning and different expressions of standard questions. When creating a Q&A pair, you can add extended questions for the standard question. Extended questions help improve Q&A performance.

Question Category

Users can classify and manage standard questions based on their domain knowledge, for example, questions of the consulting and troubleshooting types.

User Question

A user question represents the actual question of a user and is raised by a user when using QABot.

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