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Product Highlights

Updated at: Jun 25, 2019 GMT+08:00

IoT is becoming more and more popular, however, many enterprises may find their IoT transformation challenging due to issues such as fragmented access, complex device and security management, and inadequate platform capacity. To address the preceding pain points, the Huawei OceanConnect IoT Platform provides a series of solutions.

Traditional Platform

OceanConnect IoT Platform

Device access

  • Different hardware development platforms, protocols, and networks complicate device access.
  • Devices from multiple manufacturers and of various types are difficult to integrate with upper-layer applications.

The IoT platform supports multiple access networks, protocols, and provides SDKs in different languages for fast, convenient device access.

Device management

  • Accessing a fleet of devices requires complex management.
  • Devices are normally widely distributed, resulting in high labor costs.

The IoT platform provides device lifecycle management. It covers the profile definition, device registration, monitoring, configuration, upgrade, and remote fault diagnosis, which reduces manual operations and improves management efficiency.

Security and data protection

Security measures need to be developed and deployed in an end-to-end manner to ensure the security of devices, information transmission, and data.

The IoT platform provides multiple GDPR-compliant security measures to secure devices, information transmission, and data privacy.

Performance and stability

Independent architectures fail to support (concurrent) connections of a great number of devices.

The microservice carrier-class architecture supports hundreds of millions of connections and millions of concurrent connections. The service reliability achieves 99.9%.


Products for data storage, big data analytics, and message notification need to be purchased or developed. The labor and equipment costs are high.

The IoT platform interconnects with other HUAWEI CLOUD products based on the rule engine, such as the DIS, DMS, OBS, MRS, and SMN, which facilitates storage, computing, and intelligent analysis of a large amount of device data.

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