Updated on 2023-09-21 GMT+08:00

Billing Overview

In this document, you will learn about how Application Operations Management (AOM) 2.0 is billed, what are the billing items, and what happens if your account goes into arrears.

For pricing details, go to Price Calculator.

  • Billing Modes

    AOM supports pay-per-use billing. You can start using resources first and then pay as you go. For details, see Overview.

  • Billing Items

    You will be billed based on reported custom metrics, metric storage duration, and data dump volume. For details, see Billing Items.

  • Bills

    To learn about your expenditures, go to Billing Center > Billing, and view the transactions and detailed bills related to AOM. For details, see Bills.

  • Arrears

    If there is not a sufficient account balance to pay for your bill and there is no other payment method configured, your account will go into arrears. To continue using your cloud services, top up your account in a timely manner. For details, see Arrears.

  • Billing Termination

    If you no longer need to use AOM, unsubscribe from it or delete its resources to avoid unnecessary fees. For details, see Billing Termination.