Updated on 2023-04-25 GMT+08:00

Solution Overview


This solution enables you to easily deploy the basic environment for your core database. It helps speed up your digital transformation and provides a highly reliable and high-performance database. This solution can be used for migrating core database workloads to the cloud.


This solution uses Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) and shared Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks to provide secure and reliable compute, storage, and network resources for your core database. The following figure shows the deployment architecture.

Figure 1 Architecture

This solution will:

  • Create two ECSs for deploying database nodes.
  • Attach two NICs to each ECS. One NIC is for public network communication and the other for private network communication.
  • Create six shared SCSI EVS disks, three for OCR election, one for MGMTDB database, one for data disks, and the last one for flash disks.
  • Attach the six shared SCSI EVS disks to the two database nodes.
  • Create three virtual IP addresses and bind them to the two core database nodes.


  • Easy deployment

    This solution helps you easily deploy a basic environment for your database and reduces the deployment period from two days to one hour.

  • High availability

    Highly Available IP (HAIP) is enabled on the public and private networks to ensure stable running of your database on the cloud.

  • High performance

    A shared EVS disk supports concurrent access from different ECSs. The random IOPS of a shared EVS disk can reach up to 160,000.


  • Before deploying this solution, ensure that you have an account with access to the target region.