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Log Tank Service

Log Tank Service (LTS) stores logs, allowing you to query and transfer them in real time. It simplifies real-time analysis for decision making and improves log processing efficiency.LTS works with Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Cloud Trace Service (CTS), helping you handle logs efficiently. By querying and analyzing the reported logs, you can effectively manage and maintain devices and analyze customer service trends.

Progressive Knowledge

LTS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


LTS application scenarios and advantages are provided to help you accurately find functions that are available for services.

Service Overview

Be a Power User

After log collection rules are configured, you can view the reported logs on the Log Tank Service (LTS) console in real time.

User Guide


You can quickly get familiar with the LTS usage process through LTS Interactive Walkthroughs.

Getting Started


Introduce the usage process of LTS in multiple scenarios and examples of cooperation with other services.

Best Practices