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Online Application Simulator Fails to Deliver Commands

Updated at:Jun 26, 2019 GMT+08:00
  1. On the Developer Center, choose Device Management > Logs to view the logs. Check whether the IoT platform finds the corresponding codec plug-in and encodes the command successfully. If there is an encoding error, a codec plug-in error occurs. In this case, use the codec tool to detect the error and rectify the fault based on the error message.

  2. Check the command delivery mode and device work mode. If the command is delivered immediately, the device must work in DRX mode. To obtain the work mode of the device, contact the carrier.
  3. Change the command delivery mode to cache delivery (that is, set expiretime to a value other than 0 when calling the Creating Device Commands API). Then, check whether data is successfully delivered after a device reports data.

    If a cached command is successfully delivered, the failure is caused by the aging of device links. If the device works in DRX mode and a heartbeat message is reported every 25 hours, but the device link is still aged, the IoT platform service provider must check the parameter configuration of the TUP package.

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