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Message 513 Is Reported When Devices Are Connected to the IoT Platform

Updated at: Jun 26, 2019 GMT+08:00

After being powered on, devices initiate a TUP registration flow to the IoT platform. TUP is a Huawei proprietary protocol over CoAP. TUP is similar to LWM2M. HiSilicon chipsets set that the TUP registration cannot exceed 4s. If the TUP registration is not completed within 4 seconds, a 513 message is reported.

When a 513 message is reported, perform the following operations:

  1. When a 513 message is reported due to poor network performance, contact the NB-IoT network carrier to check the network status.
  2. When service data is sent by running AT+NMGS, registration is triggered. If the t/d resources (receiving and sending service data resources) are not received within 4 seconds, an error is returned, but the registration is continued based on the CoAP-layer retransmission. If subscription to the t/d resources is not received after 160 seconds, the IoT platform determines that the registration fails. The 160-second duration is sufficient for device registration. If an error message is returned after 4 seconds, only the data of the first packet is discarded. You are advised to restart the device and run AT+NMGS to trigger the registration.

    You can run AT+NMSTATUS? to query registration status. If +NMSTATUS:MO_DATA_ENABLED is returned, the registration is successful.

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