Updated on 2023-11-21 GMT+08:00

Getting Started with Common Practices

After purchasing and connecting to a GeminiDB Influx DB instance, you can view common practices to better use GeminiDB Redis.

Table 1 Common practices



Usage rules

Usage Specifications and Suggestions

Describes rules and suggestions for using GeminiDB Influx instances in the aspects of naming, TAG, FIELD, and query to solve common problems such as incorrect usage, low efficiency, and difficult maintenance.

Instance modifications

Changing an Instance Name

Describes how to change the name of a GeminiDB Influx instance to help you identify different instances.

Resetting the Administrator Password

Describes how to change your administrator password. For security reasons, change it periodically.

Changing vCPUs and Memory of an Instance

Describes how to change the CPU or memory of your instance to suit your service requirements.

Data backup

Managing Automated Backups

This practice describes how GeminiDB Influx API automatically creates backups for an instance during a backup window and saves the backups based on the configured retention period.

Managing Manual Backups

Describes how to create manual backups for a DB instance. These backups can be used to restore data for improved reliability.

Data restoration

Restoring Data to a New Instance

Describes how to restore an existing automated or manual backup to a new instance. The restored data is the same as the backup data.