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Updated on 2022-10-29 GMT+08:00

Can I Upgrade My HSS to a Higher Edition?



  • The WTP and container editions are the highest editions and cannot be upgraded.
  • An edition can be directly upgraded to the enterprise or premium edition. To upgrade to the WTP edition, you need to purchase it separately, and then bind it to a server.
  • The basic edition can be upgraded to the enterprise, premium, or WTP edition. The enterprise edition can be upgraded to the premium or WTP edition. The premium edition can be upgraded to the WTP edition only.

Upgrading to the Enterprise/Premium Edition

To upgrade a quota, its Usage Status must be Idle.

Upgrading to the WTP Edition

The WTP edition cannot be directly upgraded from a lower edition and needs to be purchased separately. Before protecting a server with WTP, ensure the server is not bound to any quota.

  1. Purchase WTP on the HSS console. For more information, see Purchasing an HSS Quota.
  2. Unbind a server from its existing quota. For more information, see Unbinding a Quota from a Server.
  3. Bind the server to WTP. For more information, see Upgrading to the WTP Edition.

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