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Updated on 2023-10-20 GMT+08:00

Resource Freezing, Release, Deletion, and Unsubscription

Why Are My Resources Released?

If your subscriptions have expired but not been renewed, or you are in arrears due to insufficient balance, your resources enter a grace period. If you do not renew the subscriptions or top up your account after the grace period expires, your resources will enter a retention period. During the retention period, the resources are not available. If the renewal is still not completed or the outstanding amount is still not paid off when the retention period ends, the stored data will be deleted and the cloud service resources will be released. For details, see Service Suspension and Resource Release.

Why Are My Resources Frozen?

Your resources may be frozen for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is that you are in arrears.

Can I Still Back Up Data If My DB Instance Is Frozen?

No. If your instance is frozen due to arrears, you need to unfreeze the instance first.

How Do I Unfreeze My Resources?

Frozen due to arrears: You can renew your resources or top up your account. Instances frozen due to arrears can be renewed, released, or deleted. Yearly/Monthly instances that have expired cannot be unsubscribed from, while those that have not expired can be unsubscribed from.

What Happens When My Resources Are Frozen, Unfrozen, or Released?

  • After your resources are frozen:
    • They cannot be accessed, causing downtime. For example, if your instance is frozen, it cannot be connected.
    • If they are yearly/monthly resources, no changes can be made to them.
    • They can be unsubscribed from or deleted manually.
  • After your resources are unfrozen, you can connect to them again.
  • If your resources are released, your instance will be deleted.

How Do I Renew My Resources?

After a yearly/monthly instance expires, you can renew it on the Renewals page. For details, see Renewal Management.

Can My Resources Be Recovered After Being Released? /Can I Retrieve an Incorrect Unsubscription?

You can restore your deleted instance from a manual backup or rebuild your instance in the recycle bin during the retention period. For details, see Restoring Data to a DB Instance and Rebuilding a Deleted Instance from Recycle Bin.

Before unsubscribing from a resource, confirm the resource information carefully. If you have unsubscribed from an instance by mistake, purchase a new one.

How Do I Delete My Instance?

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