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Updated on 2022-09-29 GMT+08:00

Why Can't I Successfully Add a Credit Card?

You can view records for attempts to add a card by going to Billing Center > Funds Management > Payment Methods > Historical Cards page. The reason a card could not be added is shown in Result.

Some reasons a card addition may fail include:

  • The credit card information supplied was invalid or incorrect. Verify the credit card information and check whether the credit card has expired. If the credit card has expired, add a new card or update the current card.
  • The issuing place of the credit card was different from the location where you registered your HUAWEI CLOUD account. Please select a credit card that was issued in the same location as where your HUAWEI CLOUD account was registered.
  • The card used was not Visa or Mastercard. Only Visa and Mastercard credit cards are supported, and debit cards, prepaid cards, virtual cards, and gift cards are not supported.
  • The credit card has already been added to another HUAWEI CLOUD account. Any given credit card can only be added to a single HUAWEI CLOUD account.
  • The test charge did not go through. The credit card may be invalid or there may not be any available credit. Confirm that your card has credit available and the functions like international payment, online payment, and periodic payment have been enabled for it. If not, use another credit card and try again.
  • If the reason is still unknown, submit a service ticket.

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