Updated on 2022-08-02 GMT+08:00


Data is a core enterprise asset, and enterprises need to establish data dictionaries to effectively manage their increasingly important data and information resources. They need to establish mechanisms to continuously improve data quality. Effective data management helps enterprises mine data value and reduce operational risks. It simplifies enterprise management, integrates business processes, improves operational efficiency, and makes operations more transparent. Accurate data is the foundation of scientific decision-making. Data architecture and standards need to be unified to ensure efficient operations and clear communications throughout the whole process.

Currently, enterprise data is a mess. There are no unified standards, so key data cannot be identified, sharing between business systems is limited, and data tends to remain siloed. To effectively manage enterprise data, maximize data value, and lay a solid foundation for digital transformation, enterprises are in urgent need of a comprehensive, well developed system of data governance.

Huawei Cloud data enablement service DAYU uses the data governance methods that have evolved from Huawei's wealth of successful experience with digital transformation. The data governance methods integrate the essence of Huawei's data management methods and draw on industry best practices for data governance. This document aims to describe how enterprises can continuously improve their data management systems, streamline information chains and data flows based on primary business processes, clean data, improve data quality and operational efficiency, make operational results more transparent, drive the growth of intelligent data, and more fully explore data value.

This document first briefly describes the data governance framework, organization architecture, and measurement and evaluation system. Then, it describes the application of data governance based on Huawei's data governance cases and how it has been applied to the recent coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Finally, it introduces how the DAYU data governance methods are incorporated into DataArts Studio, the data operations platform, with a detailed implementation guide attached.