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Connection Pool Parameters

Updated at: Sep 17, 2021 GMT+08:00

When a connection pool is used to access the database, database connections are established and then stored in the memory as objects during system running. When you need to access the database, no new connection is established. Instead, an existing idle connection is selected from the connection pool. After you finish accessing the database, the database does not disable the connection but puts it back into the connection pool. The connection can be used for the next access request.


Parameter description: Specifies whether to release the connection for the current session.


Value range: Boolean

  • off indicates that the connection for the current session will be released.
  • on indicates that the connection for the current session will not be released.

    After this function is enabled, a session may hold a connection but does not run a query. As a result, other query requests fail to be connected. To fix this problem, the number of sessions must be less than or equal to max_active_statements.

Default value: off

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