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Other Default Parameters

Updated at: Sep 17, 2021 GMT+08:00

This section describes the default database loading parameters of the database system.


Parameter description: Specifies the path for saving the shared database files that are dynamically loaded for data searching. When a dynamically loaded module needs to be opened and the file name specified in the CREATE FUNCTION or LOAD command does not have a directory component, the system will search this path for the required file.

The value of dynamic_library_path must be a list of absolute paths separated by colons (:) or by semi-colons (;) on the Windows OS. The special variable $libdir in the beginning of a path will be replaced with the module installation directory provided by GaussDB(DWS). Example:
dynamic_library_path = '/usr/local/lib/postgresql:/opt/testgs/lib:$libdir'


Value range: a string

If the value of this parameter is set to an empty character string, the automatic path search is turned off.

Default value: $libdir


Parameter description: Specifies the upper limit of the size of the set returned by GIN indexes.


Value range: an integer ranging from 0 to INT_MAX

Default value: 0

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