Updated at: 2022-08-03 GMT+08:00

Using PostGIS

  • The third-party software that the PostGIS Extension depends on needs to be installed separately. If you need to use PostGIS, submit a service ticket or contact technical support to submit an application.
  • If the error message "ERROR: EXTENSION is not yet supported." is displayed, the PostGIS software package is not installed. Contact technical support.

Creating PostGIS Extension

Run the CREATE EXTENSION command to create PostGIS Extension.


After PostGIS Extension is created, you can run the following command to enable the grid function in PostGIS if needed:

CREATE EXTENSION postgis_raster;

Using PostGIS Extension

Use the following function to invoke a PostGIS Extension:

SELECT GisFunction (Param1, Param2,......);

GisFunction is the function, and Param1 and Param2 are function parameters. The following SQL statements are a simple illustration for PostGIS use. For details about related functions, see PostGIS 2.4.2 Manual.

Example 1: Create a geometry table.

CREATE TABLE cities ( id integer, city_name varchar(50) ); SELECT AddGeometryColumn('cities', 'position', 4326, 'POINT', 2);

Example 2: Insert geometry data.

INSERT INTO cities (id, position, city_name) VALUES (1,ST_GeomFromText('POINT(-9.5 23)',4326),'CityA'); INSERT INTO cities (id, position, city_name) VALUES (2,ST_GeomFromText('POINT(-10.6 40.3)',4326),'CityB'); INSERT INTO cities (id, position, city_name) VALUES (3,ST_GeomFromText('POINT(20.8 30.3)',4326), 'CityC');

Example 3: Calculate the distance between any two cities among three cities.

SELECT p1.city_name,p2.city_name,ST_Distance(p1.position,p2.position) FROM cities AS p1, cities AS p2 WHERE p1.id > p2.id;

Deleting PostGIS Extension

Run the following command to delete PostGIS Extension from GaussDB(DWS):


If PostGIS Extension is the dependee of other objects (for example, geometry tables), you need to add the CASCADE keyword to delete all these objects.