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Different Data Is Displayed for the Same Table Queried By Multiple Users

Updated at: Dec 30, 2020 GMT+08:00


Two users log in to the same database human_resource and run the select count(*) from areas statement separately to query the areas table, but obtain different results.

Possible Causes

Check whether the two users really query the same table. In a relational database, a table is identified by three elements: database, schema, and table. In this issue, database is human_resource and table is areas. Then, check schema. Log in as users dbadmin and user01 separately. It is found that search_path is public for dbadmin and $user for user01. By default, a schema having the same name as user dbadmin, the cluster administrator, is not created. That is, all tables will be created in public if no schema is specified. However, when a common user, such as user01, is created, the same-name schema (user01) is created by default. That is, all tables are created in user01 if the schema is not specified. In conclusion, both the two users are operating the table, causing that the same-name table is not really the same table.

Troubleshooting Method

Use schema.table to determine a table for query.

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