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Entrypoint Function for LiteOS SDK Device-Cloud Interconnect Components

Updated at: Jun 26, 2019 GMT+08:00

To connect the LiteOS SDK device-cloud interconnect component Agent Tiny to OceanConnect, create an entrypoint function agent_tiny_entry().



void agent_tiny_entry(void)

Entrypoint function for LiteOS SDK device-cloud interconnect components. This function can be used to initialize Agent Tiny, create report tasks, and call the main function body of Agent Tiny.

Parameter list: N/A

Return value: null

Based on the task mechanism provided by the LiteOS kernel, a developer can create a main task main_task, and call the entrypoint function agent_tiny_entry() in the main task to enable the Agent Tiny workflow.

 UINT32 creat_main_task()
         UINT32 uwRet = LOS_OK;
         TSK_INIT_PARAM_S task_init_param;
         task_init_param.usTaskPrio = 0;
         task_init_param.pcName = "main_task";
         task_init_param.pfnTaskEntry = (TSK_ENTRY_FUNC)main_task;
         task_init_param.uwStackSize = 0x1000;
         uwRet = LOS_TaskCreate(&g_TskHandle, &task_init_param);
         if(LOS_OK != uwRet)
             return uwRet;
         return uwRet;

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