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Updated on 2024-01-18 GMT+08:00

Why Cannot I Create a CCE Cluster?


This section describes how to locate and rectify the fault if you fail to create a CCE cluster.


Possible causes:

  1. The Network Time Protocol daemon (ntpd) is not installed or fails to be installed, Kubernetes components fail to pass the pre-verification, or the disk partition is incorrect. The current solution is to create a cluster again. For details about how to locate the fault, see Locating the Failure Cause.
  2. Check whether your account is in arrears. If so, you cannot purchase resources, including using cash coupons. For details, see and Topping Up an Account (Prepaid Direct Customers).

Locating the Failure Cause

View the cluster logs to identify the cause and rectify the fault.

  1. Log in to the CCE console. In the navigation pane, click Operation Records above the cluster list to view operation records.
  2. Click the record of the Failed status to view error information.

    Figure 1 Viewing the operation details

  3. Rectify the fault based on the error information and create a cluster again.

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