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How Can I Confirm My Incentives? How Do I Map the Data to the Policies That I Enjoy?

Updated at: Mar 27, 2020 GMT+08:00
  • Confirming incentives from referral customers: Check the rebate type in the Details pane (rebate for list-price products or rebate for discounted products) and determine the formula used to calculate the rebate. Then, check the list price in the Incentive Details pane and calculate the rebate percentage based on the customer discount. The rebate amount is equal to the list price multiplies the customer discount. Partners can check whether the displayed data is correct.
  • Confirming incentives from reseller customers: The monthly performance data is provided for check. The quarterly rebate data is generated only when the quarterly performance reaches the threshold. The monthly performance is equal to the list price multiplied by the settlement discount for reseller customers (excluding the consumptions paid by coupons), that is, the actual billed amount for reseller customers.
  • After HUAWEI CLOUD notifies partners of reconciliation, partners can view detailed performance and incentive data in the partner center. If partners find that the data is incorrect before the reconciliation deadline, they can reject the reconciliation request, and the operations manager will follow up this rejected request. If partners have no doubt, the bill confirmation is automatically completed when the reconciliation period ends. If partners have any questions, they can contact the customer service or the ecosystem manager. If the operation is rejected, the settlement may be delayed.

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