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What Are the MDF Declaration Materials?

Updated at: May 27, 2020 GMT+08:00

Partners must strictly follow the acceptance requirements to provide proofs and summary materials to claim MDF for standardized management and closed-loop control.

Claiming Material Type


Authenticity proof material

On-site photo

  • Photos should show the presentation topic, Huawei elements such as logos or banners, speakers, the number of attendees and so on;
  • Photos should show all kinds of actual expenses (such as the site, advertisements, marketing materials, catering and so on) during an activity from different perspectives. For example, photos of gifts on site must be provided if there are expenses of gifts, and photos of award presentation or lottery should be provided if there are expenses of awards.

    If relevant photos cannot be provided because of no physical goods delivery or other reasons, other authenticity proof materials also count, such as related contracts, screenshots showing the results, or original hotel bills.

Sealed receipt

  • Expense details should be completely the same as the actual expense types on the sealed receipts of the collection unit. For example, if the costs are generated on meals, the expense details must be all about meals and cannot be modified to accommodation or other types of expenses. If a mouse is purchased as a gift, then the details must include a mouse.
  • If the actual expense types are inconsistent with the sealed receipts, partners should illustrate the reasons of the inconsistency, confirm with the ecosystem cooperation owner, and provide confirmation emails as the write-off materials.

Scanned invoice

  • The header of the invoices should be the HUAWEI CLOUD partner who host the activity, that is the partner's name that was filled in the MDF application workflow.
  • The amount on the invoices should be no less than the actual write-off amount of the claiming application.

Summary of advertisement and media publicity

Partners should summarize the report and advertisements on media, websites, publication, Weibo, WeChat and so on with related contracts, screenshots, or photos attached.

Activity summary material

Summary of overall work

Partners should briefly introduce the time, location, participants and other items of the activity, summarize the activity, describe the activity and its outcomes comprehensively, and evaluate the overall effect and quality.

Attendance sheet

Attendance sheet of actual on-site participants must be provided. (If the attendance sheet cannot be provided, partners should illustrate the reason, such as sign-in on WeChat.)

Opportunity information

Partners need to record related opportunity information as required if the target audience of an activity includes the end customers.

Sponsorship contract

Scanned copies of sponsoring contracts (sealed documents) must be provided when the sponsorship fee is written off. Equities listed in the sponsoring contracts must be shown and illustrated in proof materials such as related photos.

Experience summary and improvement suggestion

Partners should summarize the preparation, meeting agenda and other work of a branding activity, describe the experience and lessons learned from this activity, and put forward improvement suggestions to guide future similar activities and provide a basis or reference for other brand activities.

Customer feedback and comment

Participants' comments on the activity must be provided.

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