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Updated on 2022-07-30 GMT+08:00

Using a Direct Connect Connection to Migrate Data

Direct Connect connects your data center to Huawei Cloud, so that you can upload local data directly to Huawei Cloud OBS. Direct Connect provides low-latency and high-bandwidth services, which is suitable for you to upload data to OBS at any time, and is therefore recommended when local data needs to be migrated to OBS frequently or in real time.

Figure 1 Migrating data to OBS using a Direct Connect connection
  1. Create an OBS bucket.

    Log in to OBS Console and create one or more buckets.

  2. Enable Direct Connect.

    Log in to Direct Connect Console, fill in the application form and submit an order. After the administrator approves the application, you can pay for the order and contact the carrier for physical line connections. Huawei engineers will assist in configuring the connection. For details, see Enabling Direct Connect.

  3. Start data transmission.

    After Direct Connect is enabled, upload your local data to OBS using OBS Console, relevant tools, APIs, or SDKs.