Updated on 2023-01-18 GMT+08:00

Step 5: Installing Agents on Off-cloud Servers

Install agents on off-cloud servers and manage the servers in HSS in a unified manner.

Installing Agents on Off-cloud Linux Servers

Log in to an off-cloud server and copy the command generated in Generating Installation Commands for Linux Servers to the server to install an agent.

For details, see step 8 in Installing an Agent on the Linux OS.

Installing Agents on Off-cloud Windows Servers

Copy the hostguard_setup.zip package generated in Generating Installation Packages for Linux Servers to the local PC and upload it to an off-cloud Windows server to install the agent. Decompress the installation package and double-click hostguard_setup.exe to install the agent.

After the generated .zip installation package is copied to the local PC, you must decompress the package before installing the software. Otherwise, the installation will fail.