Updated on 2023-05-25 GMT+08:00

Migration Process

This tutorial demonstrates how to migrate Oracle table data to GaussDB(DWS). Figure 2 and Table 1 show the migration process.

Figure 1 Migration scenario
  • This practice describes how to migrate data in the APEX2_DYNAMIC_ADD_REMAIN_TEST table of user db_user01 in the Oracle database.
  • Network connection: In this practice, the Oracle database is deployed on-premises, so CDM is used to connect Oracle to GaussDB(DWS). CDM connects to Oracle via a public IP address. CDM and GaussDB(DWS) are in the same region and VPC and can communicate with each other. Ensure that all the network is connected during the migration.
  • This practice is for reference only. The actual migration may be complex due to factors such as the network environment, service complexity, node scale, and data volume. It is better to perform the migration under the guidance of technical personnel.
Figure 2 Basic process of migrating data from Oracle to GaussDB(DWS)
Table 1 Basic process of migrating data from Oracle to GaussDB(DWS)



Required Tools

Software tools to be prepared before the migration.

Migrating Table Definitions

Use the PL/SQL Developer to migrate table definitions.

Migrating Full Table Data

Use Huawei Cloud Data Migration Service (CDM) to migrate data.

Migrating SQL Statements

Use the DSC syntax migration tool to rewrite the syntax so that the Oracle service SQL statements can be adapted to GaussDB(DWS).