Updated on 2022-12-12 GMT+08:00


Welcome to MapReduce Service API Reference. MapReduce Service (MRS) provides enterprise-level big data clusters on the cloud. Tenants can fully control the clusters and easily run big data components such as Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Kafka, and Storm in the clusters.

This document describes how to use application programming interfaces (APIs) to perform operations on MRS, such as creating or deleting clusters, adjusting nodes, as well as creating and executing jobs. For details about all supported operations, see API Overview.

If you plan to access MRS through an API, ensure that you are familiar with MRS concepts. For details, see Service Overview.

MRS 3.x does not support V1.1 APIs. You need to use V2 APIs. If you still need to use V1.1 APIs, obtain them from Out-of-Date APIs.