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Before You Start

Updated at: Dec 14, 2020 GMT+08:00


Media Processing Center (MPC) transcodes your media files online, inexpensively, efficiently, and at any scale. MPC combines object storage and cloud computing to convert your media into the formats you need for playback on devices like smartphones, PCs, and TVs. It also provides functions such as frame capture and watermarking to meet a wide range of your requirements.

This document describes how to use application programming interfaces (APIs) to perform operations on MPC, such as creating transcoding templates, transcoding tasks, and snapshot tasks. For details about all supported operations, see API Overview.

If you plan to access MPC through an API, ensure that you are familiar with MPC concepts. For details, see Service Overview.

API Calling

MPC provides Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs, allowing you to call APIs using HTTPS. For details about API calling, see Calling APIs.

Before calling MPC APIs, note the following points:
  • MPC does not store media files. It processes media files stored in OBS buckets. Therefore, before calling the video transcoding, packaging, animated GIF, , and frame capture APIs, you need to upload media files to be processed to buckets and authorize MPC to access the buckets. For details, see Uploading Media Files.
  • To learn about the status of audio and video files processed by MPC in real time, you can configure event notifications on the MPC console before calling APIs. For details, see Configuring Event Notifications.


An endpoint is the request address for calling an API. Obtain the service endpoint from Regions and Endpoints.

Constraints and Limitations

API rate limiting is configured for MPC to prevent service interruption caused by repeated API calls in a short period.

The rate limiting rules are as follows:

  • Rate limiting for a single tenant: 100 requests/minute
  • Overall rate limiting: 1,000 requests/minute

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