Updated on 2023-07-04 GMT+08:00

Upgrading a Mesh


You can upgrade a mesh of an earlier version. The basic mesh supports canary upgrade, and the enterprise edition supports in-place patch upgrade.

Upgrade Impact

  • During the upgrade, the data plane proxy of the new version is automatically injected. Service pods will be restarted in the rolling mode, which may temporarily interrupt services.
  • Do not perform operations including but not limited to creating a grayscale release task or configuring a traffic rule during the upgrade.

Upgrade Path

Mesh Edition

Source Version

Target Version

Upgrade Mode

Basic edition



Patch update



Patch update



Patch update



Patch update



Patch update

For details about the features of each version, see Features of v1.3, Features of v1.6 and Features in v1.8.


  1. Log in to the ASM console and check whether the meshes need to be upgraded. The specific steps are as follows:

    • Check whether a message indicating the meshes to be upgraded is displayed above the list.

    • Check whether Upgrade is displayed on the right of the mesh name.

    If a mesh can be upgraded, click the mesh name to go to its details page.

  2. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Mesh Configuration and click the Upgrade tab.
  3. Select a proper upgrade mode to upgrade the mesh according to Upgrade Path.

    • Upgrading the Edition

    • Updating the Edition Patch

      Click Update Patch. In the dialog box that is displayed, click OK.

      Figure 1 Patch update