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You only pay for what you use with no minimum fees.

Billing Items

You pay based on the number of notification messages and downstream Internet traffic. For details, see Product Pricing Details.

Table 1 SMN billing items

Billing Item


Notification messages

  • SMS: You are billed based on the number of SMS messages sent in each region every month.
  • Email: You are billed based on the number of emails sent in each region every month.
  • HTTP(S): You are billed based on the number of requests sent in each region every month. You are billed once for each 1 million requests every month.
  • FunctionGraph: Notifications sent to FunctionGraph endpoints are free.

Downstream Internet traffic

When your notifications incur Internet traffic, the first 1 GB is free for each month, and extra traffic will be billed per GB according to the Huawei Cloud standard traffic fee.

All items are calculated based on a regular calendar month.

Cost Elements in Different Scenarios

SMN is billed based on downstream Internet traffic and notification messages.

Figure 1 Billing components

The costs for sending different types of messages relate to different elements:

  • SMS: number of SMS notifications
  • Email: Email notifications+Downstream Internet traffic
  • HTTP or HTTPS: HTTP or HTTPS notifications+Downstream Internet traffic


For details, see Renewal Management.

Expiration and Overdue Payment

For details, see Service Suspension and Resource Release and Payment and Repayment.