Updated on 2022-09-21 GMT+08:00

DB Instance Statuses

DB Instance Statuses

The status of a DB instance indicates the health of the DB instance. You can use the management console or API to view the status of a DB instance.

Table 1 DB instance statuses




A DB instance is available.


A DB instance is abnormal.


A DB instance is being created.

Creation failed

A DB instance has failed to be created.

Switchover in progress

A standby DB instance is being switched over to the primary DB instance.

Changing type to primary/standby

A single DB instance is being changed to primary/standby DB instances.


A DB instance is being rebooted.

Changing port

A DB instance port is being changed.

Changing instance class

The CPU or memory of a DB instance is being modified.

Scaling up

Storage space of a DB instance is being scaled up.

Backing up

A DB instance is being backed up.


A DB instance is in the process of being restored from a backup.

Restore failed

A DB instance fails to be restored.

Storage full

Storage space of a DB instance is full. Data cannot be written to databases.


A DB instance has been deleted and will not be displayed in the instance list.

Parameter change. Pending reboot

A modification to a database parameter is waiting for an instance reboot before it can take effect.