Updated on 2022-09-26 GMT+08:00


This section describes the DBSS billing items, billing modes, and renewal.

Billing Item

You are charged based on the edition and duration your select. The total cost will be automatically calculated and displayed on the purchase page.

Table 1 DBSS billing

Billing Item



Professional or advanced


Yearly or monthly

Billing Modes

For now, DBSS only supports yearly/monthly billing and cannot be billed per use. For pricing details, see Product Pricing Details.

Changing Billing Mode

  • To change the edition of a DBSS instance, unsubscribe from it and purchase a new one.
  • Unsubscription: To stop using DBSS, go to the Billing Center to unsubscribe from it.


If you do not renew a DBSS instance that is billed in yearly/monthly mode upon its expiration, a retention period will be granted.

A DBSS instance stops providing services when it expires. To avoid loss caused by security issues, you are advised to renew it in a timely manner. DBSS expiration does not affect your other services.

You can renew your resources on the Renewals page of the management console. For details, see Renewal Management.

Expiration and Overdue Payment

  • Service expiration

    If you do not renew an instance upon its expiration, a retention period will be granted. For details, see Retention Period.

  • Overdue payment

    For database and asset security purposes, you are advised to top up your account and repay arrears in a timely manner. For details, see the Repaying Arrears section in User Guide.


For more charging FAQs, see DBSS FAQs.