Updated on 2024-03-04 GMT+08:00


Billing Modes

There are yearly/monthly and pay-per-use billing modes to meet your requirements. For details, see Billing Modes.

  • Yearly/Monthly is a prepaid billing mode. You pay in advance for a subscription term. Before purchasing yearly/monthly resources, make sure you have a top-up account with a sufficient balance.
  • Pay-per-use is a postpaid billing mode. You pay as you go and just pay for what you use.

After purchasing CCE clusters or cluster resources, you can change their billing modes if the current billing mode cannot meet your service requirements. For details, see Billing Mode Changes.

Billing Items

You will be billed for clusters, nodes, and other cloud service resources. For details about the billing factors and formulas for each billed item, see Billing Items.

For more information about the billing samples and the billing for each item, see Billing Examples.