Updated on 2024-03-11 GMT+08:00

Billing Items

You are billed for WAF instances you select based on the billing mode you specify.

About Billing

Figure 1 WAF billing modes
Table 1 Billing items

WAF Mode

Billing Mode

Billing Item


Cloud Mode


Edition (mandatory)

Billed for the edition you purchase. WAF standard, professional, and platinum editions are paid services.

For details, see Edition Differences.

Domain Expansion Package (optional)

Billed based on the number of purchased domain expansion packages

(Optional) QPS expansion package

Billed based on how many packages you purchased

Rule Expansion Package (optional)

Billed based on how many packages you purchased

Required duration

Billed on a yearly or monthly basis.

Pay-per-use billing

  • Number of domain names
  • Number of custom rules
  • Number of requests
  • Number of domain names. Billed on an hourly basis. Once a domain name is added during the billing period, it will be billed no matter when it is deleted.
  • Number of customized rules: Billed on a daily basis. The billing is calculated at 00:00:00 every day.
  • Number of requests: Bills are settled on a monthly basis.

Dedicated Mode

Pay-per-use billing

Number of instances

Billed for what you use

Billing Examples

Take the yearly/monthly billing mode as an example. Assume that you purchased a professional edition cloud WAF instance at 15:50:04 on July 8, 2023, along with one domain name, QPS, and rule expansion packages. Your subscription is one month and you manually renew the subscription for one month before the subscription expires. The billing details are as follows:

  • The first billing cycle is from 15:50:04 on July 8, 2023 to 23:59:59 on Aug. 8, 2023.
  • The second billing cycle is from 23:59:59 on Aug. 8, 2023 to 23:59:59 on Sep. 8, 2023.
Figure 2 Yearly/Monthly billing details