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Updated on 2024-04-09 GMT+08:00

How Is an EIP Billed?

There are yearly/monthly and pay-per-use billing modes. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages. Yearly/Monthly: You pay upfront for the amount of time you expect to use the EIP for. You will need to make sure your account has a sufficient balance or you have a valid payment method configured first. Pay-per-use: You can start using the EIP first and then pay as you go. You are billed based on the EIP usage duration (by bandwidth) or used traffic (by traffic).

You will be billed for the EIP and fixed bandwidth.

  • EIP reservation price

    If your pay-per-use EIP has no instance bound, you will be billed for the EIP reservation price.

  • Fixed bandwidth:
    • EIP bandwidth prices: bandwidth prices of yearly/monthly EIPs and pay-per-use EIPs (by bandwidth); traffic price of pay-per-use EIPs (by traffic)
    • Shared bandwidth price

For details, see EIP Billing.

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