Updated on 2022-09-21 GMT+08:00

Connecting to an RDS for PostgreSQL Instance

pgAdmin is client management software that designs, maintains, and manages RDS for PostgreSQL databases. It allows you to connect to specific databases, create tables, and run various simple and complex SQL statements. It supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems. The latest version of pgAdmin is based on the browser/server (B/S) architecture.

This section describes how to use pgAdmin to connect to an RDS for PostgreSQL instance and create databases and tables. pgAdmin4-4.17 is used as an example in this section.

For more information, see the pgAdmin documentation.


  1. Obtain the pgAdmin installation package.

    Visit the pgAdmin official website and download the pgAdmin installation package for Windows.

  2. Double-click the installation package and complete the installation as instructed.
  3. Start the pgAdmin client after the installation.
  4. Connect pgAdmin to your RDS for PostgreSQL instance by referring to Connecting to a DB Instance Through pgAdmin