Updated on 2024-03-08 GMT+08:00

Huawei Cloud Solutions

You can use HSS to centrally manage your servers. If your server types include Huawei Cloud servers, non-Huawei Cloud servers (Internet), and LAN servers (including data center and e-Government cloud servers), install agents on the servers based on the server type.

Huawei Cloud Server/Non-Huawei Server (Internet)

  • To manage Huawei Cloud and non-Huawei Cloud servers (Internet) on the HSS console, you can directly install agents on the servers in the target region.

LAN Server (Data Center, e-Government Cloud, Private Cloud)

To centrally manage LAN servers in the Huawei Cloud HSS console, create a proxy server that uses Direct Connect, manually create the agent installation command (or package), and install agents on your servers.

For details, see Connecting Off-cloud Servers to the Public Cloud Through Direct Connect.