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Updated on 2022-09-15 GMT+08:00

Lower Network Costs

You can select a proper product and billing mode based on your service requirements.

Dedicated Bandwidth

If you want to ensure the bandwidth available for a particular EIP, you are advised to purchase dedicated bandwidth. Dedicated bandwidth can only be used for a single, specific EIP. Dedicated bandwidth is not affected by other services.

An EIP can be billed by bandwidth or by traffic:
  • Bandwidth: If your services use a large amount of traffic but are stable, an EIP billed by bandwidth is recommended.
  • Traffic: If your services only use a relatively small amount of traffic, an EIP billed by traffic combined with a shared data package is recommended for a more favorable price.

If your traffic is stable, the yearly/monthly billing based on the bandwidth is more cost effective.

Shared Bandwidth

When you host a large number of applications on the cloud, if each EIP uses dedicated bandwidth, a lot of bandwidths are required, which incurs high costs. If all EIPs share the same bandwidth, your network operation costs will be lowered and your system O&M as well as resource statistics will be simplified. Multiple EIPs whose billing mode is pay-per-use can be added to a shared bandwidth. You can bind EIPs to products such as ECSs, NAT gateways, and load balancers so that these products can use the shared bandwidth.

A shared bandwidth can be billed by bandwidth.

If you use a large number of EIPs and their peak hours are different, use shared bandwidth to greatly reduce costs.