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Applying for an OBT

This section describes how to apply for OBTs for products and services.


The following uses SSL Certificate Service as an example to describe how to apply for an open beta test (OBT).

  1. Log in to the HUAWEI CLOUD homepage.
  2. In the drop-down list box of the current logged-in account, choose Console.

    The Console page is displayed.

  3. Select a resource you want to apply to for an OBT.

    The resource console is displayed.

  4. Click Create Now.

  5. Set information as required, including the enterprise scale, R&D personnel proportion, application scenario, and current service phase.

    When applying for an OBT for a product the second time, you can inherit the mandatory information you entered for the same product last time.

  6. Select Agree OBT Trial Service Agreement.
  7. Click Apply For The Beta.

    Click Go to Open Beta Tests, showing the products or services for which you have applied for OBTs.