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    • A-E
      Distributed Message Service

      DMS is a message middleware service developed based on distributed, highly available clustering technology. In SMN, when you select DMS as the subscription protocol, the endpoint can be a message queue.


      See Distributed Message Service


      • F-J
        FunctionGraph (function)

        If you select FunctionGraph (function) as the SMN subscription protocol, the endpoint is a function.

        FunctionGraph (workflow)

        If you select FunctionGraph (workflow) as the SMN subscription protocol, the endpoint is a function workflow.


        • K-O

          Notification published to a topic, which consists of a subject and message content.

          Message template

          A template contains fixed and variable message content. You only need to specify values for variables in the template when sending messages.


          • P

            Message type supported by SMN.


            A user who publishes messages to SMN topics.

          • S
            Simple Message Notification

            A reliable and scalable message notification service that supports massive data and automatically sends messages to subscribers using emails, HTTP, or HTTPS, depending on their requirements.


            See Simple Message Notification

            SMS message signature

            User identity information enclosed in an SMS message. An SMS message signature must be approval before it can be used. For example, the whole message is "[HUAWEI CLOUD] Your verification code is: 123456. This verification code is only valid for 5 minutes. To ensure account security, do not share your verification code with others.", in which [HUAWEI CLOUD] is the signature.

            SMS message template

            Fix SMS message content, which is often used to send promotion messages.


            A user who subscribes to topics to receive message notifications. A subscriber can be an email address, phone number, or HTTP/HTTPS URL.

            Successful delivery rate

            Percentage of SMS messages finally delivered to destinations. Some phone numbers may be invalid or unavailable, so these endpoints will fail to receive SMS messages.

          • T
            Template variable

            A message template contains fixed and changeable content. Changeable content is represented with variables. You can specify values for variables when publishing messages using a template. For example, the template content is The Arts and Crafts Exposition will be held from {startdate} through {enddate}. We sincerely invite you to join us. In the content, {startdate} and {enddate} are variables.

            Timely delivery rate

            Percentage of SMS messages successfully delivered to destinations within a specified time period.


            A collection of messages, which is the basic unit for isolating message data.

            Topic display name

            Name of the email sender when SMN sends email messages.

            Topic URN

            A uniform resource name (URN) generated for a topic, which uniquely identifies the topic.