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FunctionGraph hosts and computes functions in a serverless context. It automatically scales to suit fluctuations in resource demands during peaks and spikes while requiring no reservation of dedicated servers or capacities. You will be billed based on actual usage. FunctionGraph consists of the function and workflow modules that respectively implement function computing and orchestration.


FunctionGraph hosts and computes event-driven functions while ensuring high availability, high scalability, and zero maintenance. All you need to do is write your code and set the conditions. You pay only for what you use and you are not charged when your code is not running. FunctionGraph has the following features:

  • Provides multiple runtimes to satisfy different programming requirements.
  • Supports multiple event sources to meet complex service requirements.
  • Graphically displays real-time function metrics.
  • Provides logs for troubleshooting function errors.
  • Provides function templates for different scenarios, enabling you to quickly build applications.
  • Provides an entry to isolate the function initialization logic and request processing logic.


FunctionGraph coordinates distributed application functions and microservice components using visual workflows. With FunctionGraph, you can use independently executable, discrete functions to build applications, which can be easily scaled up or modified to meet fast-growing and complex service requirements. FunctionGraph has the following features:

  • Provides a graphical console

    Visualizes application function (program) orchestration, and simplifies the construction and running of multistep application functions (programs).

  • Automatically triggers and tracks each step

    Executes applications in order and as expected, and retries when an error occurs.

  • Logs the status of each step

    Enables you to quickly locate and debug problems when things go wrong.

  • Simplifies application scale-up and modification.

    Allows you to modify and add steps without writing code so that you can easily evolve your applications.