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      Data disk image

      A data disk image contains service data. It can be used to create EVS disks during ECS creation, or be used to create EVS disks that are attached to ECSs. Through data disk images, you can migrate your service data to the cloud.


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        Full-ECS image

        A full-ECS image is an image created from an entire Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), including its system disk and data disks, or an image created from a Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS) backup. A full-ECS image contains the OS of the ECS, applications installed on the ECS, and all the data in the ECS disks.

      • I
        Image file

        An image file is a template that can be used to create ECSs. It contains an OS and preinstalled applications.


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          See Private image

          Private image

          A private image is created from an ECS or an external image file and is visible only to its creator. Each private image contains an OS, preinstalled public applications, and the creator's private applications. Creating ECSs using a private image frees you from repeatedly configuring ECSs.

          Public image

          A public image is provided by the public cloud system. It contains a standard OS and preinstalled public applications, and is visible to all users. You can configure the application environment and required software based on your requirements.


          See Public image

        • S
          System disk image

          A system disk image contains an OS for running services and application software. It can be used to create system disks, and can also be directly used to create ECSs. Through system disk images, you can migrate your service running environment to the cloud.