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    • A
      account cracking

      Account cracking refers to the intruder behavior of guessing or cracking the password of a system account.


      • H
        Host Security Service

        Host Security Service (HSS) is designed to improve the overall security for hosts. It reduces intrusion risks for hosts with asset management, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, and baseline inspection functions.


        See Host Security Service


        • K
          key file

          Key files refer to files that affect system running, for example, system files.


          • M
            malicious program

            A malicious program, such as a backdoor, Trojan horse, worm, or virus, is developed with attack or illegal remote control intents.


            • R
              remote login

              In remote login attempts, a user tries to log in to an ECS from a location that is not a user-configured common login location.


              • S
                software vulnerability

                A software vulnerability is a security defect in a piece of software that may allow unauthorized users to access or sabotage the host.


                • W
                  weak password

                  A weak password can be easily guessed or cracked because it is simple or commonly used.

                  Web Tamper Protection

                  Web Tamper Protection is a mode in which HSS is provided. This mode protects your files, such as web pages, documents, images, and databases, in specific directories against tampering and sabotage by hackers and viruses.


                  See Web Tamper Protection