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      Available Zone

      An AZ is a geographical area where resources use independent power supply and networks. Generally, an AZ represents an equipment room. A region can contain multiple AZs that are physically isolated but interconnected through the internal network. If an error occurs in one AZ, other AZs in the same region are not affected.


      See Available Zone

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      Elastic Volume Service

      Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks are a type of virtual block storage devices that use the distributed architecture and can be elastically expanded. You can operate EVS disks online. The method of using EVS disks is the same as that for using common server hard disks. Compared with common server hard disks, EVS disks have higher data reliability and I/O throughput capabilities and are easier to use. EVS disks apply to file systems, databases, or system software or applications that require block storage devices. EVS disks are also called dis


      See Elastic Volume Service


      • P-T

        A region is a geographical area. A country can be geographycially divided into different regions. Follow the proximity principle when selecting a region. This principle helps reduce network latency and improve access to services.