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  • A
    Available Zone

    A physical region where resources use independent power supply and networks. AZs are physically isolated but interconnected through the internal network. To enhance application availability, you are advised to create instances in different AZs.


    See Available Zone

  • E

    See Elastic Cloud Server


    See Elastic IP

    Elastic Cloud Server

    An Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is a computing server that consists of CPUs, memory, images, and Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks and allows on-demand allocation and elastic scaling. Huawei ECS integrates Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), virtual firewall, and multi-data-copy capabilities to build up an efficient, reliable, and secure computing environment to ensure that your services can be stably and continuously running.

    Elastic IP

    The elastic IP address (EIP) service provides independent public IP addresses. After an ECS is bound with an elastic IP address, it is accessible to the Internet.


  • P
    Private Image

    Private image contains an OS, preset public applications, and a user's private applications, and is visible to only a user. A private image is created from an ECS or a VBS. A private image frees you from repeatedly configure ECSs when you create ECSs.

    Public Image

    Public image contains a standard OS image and preset public applications and is visible to all users. You can configure the application environment and required software to customize a public image.

  • R

    A region is a geographical area. A country can be geographycially divided into different regions. Follow the proximity principle when selecting a region. This principle helps reduce network latency and improve access to services.

  • S
    Security Group

    A security group implements access controls for ECSs, specifying the communication scope of ECSs. You can define different access control rules for a security group, and these rules take effect for all ECSs added to this security group. By default, a security group allows all data packets that are sent out from ECSs in it, and ECSs in the same security group can access each other.


  • U-Z
    Virtual Private Cloud

    A virtual private cloud (VPC) is a secure, isolated, logical network environment. You can create virtual networks in a VPC. The virtual networks provide the same network functions as those provided by a physical network and also advanced network services, such as elastic IP addresses and security groups.


    See Virtual Private Cloud