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  • A

    An attribute of a message is composed of the attribute name and attribute value. Attributes are used to identify, classify, and filter messages, and are defined, sent, or consumed together with messages.


  • C

    A consumer is the client that calls the DMS API to receive messages from queues. The messages that are confirmed to be consumed will be deleted from the queue. Consumers in the same consumer group can concurrently consume different messages from one queue.

    Consumer Group

    Consumer groups distinguish the consumer clients. The messages in one queue can be consumed by multiple consumer groups.


  • D
    Distributed Message Service

    Distributed Message Service (DMS) is a reliable, scalable, fully managed message queuing service that provides concurrent access at scale using the distributed, highly available cluster technology. DMS decouples components of a cloud application, delivering substantial cost benefits.


    See Distributed Message Service


    DMS API is the main API for DMS and complies with the RESTful API design principles. You must be authenticated before using it. DMS API is deployed in the DMZ and is visible to tenants.


  • M

    A message is a file in the .json format and carries information in a queue. Messages can contain up to 512 KB of text. A maximum of 10 messages can be sent or consumed concurrently.


  • P

    A producer is the client that calls DMS API to send messages to specified queues.


  • Q

    A queue receives and stores messages as files in an orderly manner. The messages in a queue can be consumed by multiple consumers.


  • R
    Retention Period

    DMS automatically deletes messages that have been retained in a queue longer than the retention period. You are advised to consume messages within the retention period.


  • W
    Web Console

    You can create, receive, and send messages by using the web-based management console. The web-based management console is usually used for the test purpose and DMS API is usually used for actual operation. Management console is deployed in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and is visible to tenants.