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    • A
      Advanced Encryption Standard

      The AES algorithm is a symmetric grouped password algorithm and one of the most popular symmetric key encription algorithm released by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on November 26, 2001.


      See Advanced Encryption Standard


      • C

        See Customer Master Key

        Customer Master Key

        A CMK is a key created with KMS and used to encrypt and protect DEKs.


        • D
          Data Encryption Key

          A DEK is used to encrypt users' data.

          Data Encyption Workshop

          Data encryption Workshop (DEW) is a full-stack data encryption service in the cloud. It covers Key Management Service (KMS), Key Pair Service (KPS), and Dedicated HSM. DEW uses hardware security modules (HSMs) to protect the security of your keys, and can be integrated with other HUAWEI CLOUD services to meet even the most demanding scenarios.

          Dedicated Hardware Security Module

          Dedicated Hardware Security Module (Dedicated HSM) is a service provided by HUAWEI CLOUD for encryption, decryption, signature, signature verification, key generation, and the secure storage of keys.

          Dedicated HSM

          See Dedicated Hardware Security Module


          See Data Encryption Key


          See Data Encyption Workshop


          • E
            Envelope Encryption

            Envelope encryption is an encryption method that enables data encryption keys to be stored, transmitted, and used in "envelopes", unlike the CMK method that directly encrypts and decrypts data.


            • H
              Hardware Security Module

              An HSM is a hardware device that produces, stores, manages, and uses keys in a secure manner. An HSM also provides encryption processing services.


              See Hardware Security Module


              • K
                Key Management Service

                KMS is a secure and reliable key management hosting service used for centrally managing and safeguarding users' keys.

                Key Pair Service

                As an alternative to the traditional username+password authentication method, key pairs are provided for users to remotely log in to Linux servers.


                See Key Management Service


                See Key Pair Service


                • T

                  See True Random Number Generator

                  True Random Number Generator

                  A TRNG is a device that generates unpredictable random numbers by physical processes instead of computer programs.