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    • B

      A container used to store objects. A bucket name must be unique.

    • D

      Refer to Data Express Service.

      Data Express Service

      Data Express Service is a massive data transmission solution. It allows a large amount of data to be transmitted from physical storage media, including Teleports and hard disks (such as external USB flash drives, SATA disks, and SAS disks) to HUAWEI CLOUD.


      • R

        After data transmission is complete, a report is generated for you to confirm that all data is transmitted.

      • S
        Service Order

        After applying for DES, a service order is generated to trace the service progress and status.

        Signature File

        After you submit your DES order, the system generates a signature file. The signature file is the unique identifier for a Teleport or disk in the order.

      • T

        Teleport is a military-class chassis for securely transferring TB- or PB-scale data to HUAWEI CLOUD. It is dustproof, waterproof, vibration-resistant, and crush-resistant and provides safety lock, alarm recording, and GPS positioning functions. Customers can store data in Teleport and deliver it to Huawei for uploading the data to HUAWEI CLOUD.