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      Cache Instance

      A cache instance is the minimum resource unit provided by the DCS. You can select the memory specifications and cache type based on actual requirements.

      Cluster Instance

      DCS instances run in the cluster mode, providing higher instance specifications and performance than master/standby DCS instances:

      1.Each DCS instance has at least three master nodes. Compared with master/standby DCS instances, DCS instances in the cluster mode support higher instance specifications and concurrency.

      2.Each master node has a redundant node. If a master node is faulty, the redundant node becomes the master node and provides data read/write services for users.

      3.Each redundant node is invisible to Redis clients, and it is kept synchronized with its master node through data synchronization.

    • D

      See Distributed Cache Service

      Distributed Cache Service

      Distributed Cache Service (DCS) is an online, distributed, in-memory cache service. It is reliable, scalable, usable off the shelf, and easy to manage. DCS makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale in-memory data caches in the cloud.


      • K-O
        Master/standby Node Instance

        DCS instances run in master/standby mode, providing higher availability than single-node DCS instances:

        1.Each DCS instance runs on two cache nodes (one master and one standby), and supports data persistence.

        2.The standby node is invisible to the Redis client and does not provide data read/write services. It is kept synchronized with the master node through data synchronization.

        3.The standby node takes over automatically if the master node fails.


        • P-T
          Single-node Instance

          Each DCS instance runs on only one cache node. Such DCS instances are mainly used for temporary data storage but are not suitable for high-reliability service scenarios. Single-node DCS instances support intensive concurrent read/write operations, but do not implement data persistence. Data will be deleted after single-node DCS instances are restarted or stopped.