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      Acceleration Domain Name

      An acceleration domain name is provided by users for CDN acceleration. A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet, such as a website, an email address, and an FTP server.

    • C

      Refer to Content Delivery Network.

      Content Delivery Network

      Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an intelligent virtual network constructed on existing Internet infrastructures. It delivers network content from origin servers to CDN nodes, enabling end users to obtain desired content from the nearest node.

      CNAME Domain Name

      On the CDN Console, after an acceleration domain name is added, the system will assign a CNAME domain name (in the form of * to the domain name. Then, users need to configure a CNAME record at the domain name service provider, specifying that the CNAME domain name (* is an alias for the user's own domain name. Therefore, after the CNAME record takes effect, the domain name resolution will be directed to CDN, and all the requests for the user's domain name will be transferred to HUAWEI CLOUD CDN nodes.

      CNAME Record

      A Canonical Name record (CNAME record) is a type of resource record in the domain name system used to specify that multiple domain names are mapped to the same domain name (the Canonical Name).

    • D

      Refer to Domain Name Server.

      Domain Name Server

      A functional entity in the TCP/IP network. With deployment of the DNS, subscribers can access related servers using corresponding domain names. In the TCP/IP network, a domain name is mapped to an IP address. Domain names are easier to remember but servers use IP addresses to communicate in the network. Therefore the DNS is used to convert domain names to corresponding IP addresses.

    • E
      Edge Node

      Edge nodes are also known as CDN nodes or cache nodes, to which end users need the fewest intermediate steps to connect. Compared with other nodes, edge nodes provide end users with faster response and connection.


      • K-O
        Origin Server

        An origin server is a server where users' services are running.