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Locating Application Exceptions

This section describes how to use transactions to locate application exceptions. APM uses transactions to analyze application performance (from the web client or mobile terminal to the server) in real time, and uses Apdex to rate applications to reflect user satisfaction with applications. You can locate application exceptions or performance bottlenecks based on user satisfaction.

In the previous section, APM has connected to the application. This section uses the application as an example to describe how to use the transaction function to locate the problem cause.


  1. Discover a problem.
  2. Locate the cause.


  1. Discover a problem.

    When using APM to inspect applications, a transaction whose Apdex is red is displayed on the Transactions page.

    Figure 1 Abnormal transaction detected during preventive maintenance

  2. Locate the cause.

    1. Click in the Operation column to view topology details. In the topology view, view the instance details and determine that the abnormal microservice is user based on the color.

    1. Right-click the user instance and choose Find Call-Chain from the shortcut menu. The Call Chain page is displayed. Find the most consuming method, as shown in the following figure.